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Originally released on GameJolt in 2020!

This is a collection of two games I made as jokes for a friend of mine since we both love the Spider-Man Sam Raimi trilogy, and its memes. These have been made for a long time now, so I decided to upload them and share the with the rest of the world. If you don't like them, that's fine with me. They were only made for comedic and meme-ic purposes.

The games included are Galactic Pizza Time, and Call of Pizza Time: Deportation Warfare (Although the files' names are Dumb, and Dumb To: The Squeakquel... you know, for comedic purposes...)

Galactic Pizza Time:
Peter is always late for work at Joe's Galactic Pizza, and always gets yelled at by his boss for that. Peter however is so sick of this madness, and wants to get revenge from his boss for yelling at him all the time. Now Peter must make his way to the pizzeria to take down his boss while avoiding hazards along the way.

WASD: Move
Shift: Shoot pizzas
P: Pause game
ESC: Exit game

Call of Pizza Time: Deportation Warfare:
Pedro Parker has his own Mexican pizza place, Jose's Pizza, where he's always made his customers very happy with his pizzas, and always shouts "Pizza time, Pendejos!". While the place has been a success for years, one man has always had a huge hatred towards the place, his name is Tronald Dump. Therefore, he creates a machine that will allow him to make clones of himself to create an army that can take down Jose's Pizza. Now Pedro must stop the Dump army from taking down the pizzeria.

W & S: Move
Shift: Shoot pizzas
P: Pause game
ESC: Exit game


Games by BigAl0104
Games created with Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Sprites created with the Clickteam Built-In Image Editor and Autodesk Maya (COPT's logo)

pizza time

Updated 4 hours ago
PlatformsWindows, Android
Made withClickteam Fusion
TagsArcade, Meme


Peter Parker's Cavalcade of Dumbness 14 MB
Galactic Pizza Time (Android) 13 MB
Call of Pizza Time: Deportation Warfare (Android) 15 MB

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