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Congratulations! You have gotten your hands on 20 of the most crappiest games ever made. Everything from a teddy bear dress-up game to a pearl fishing game. Also featuring an apple catching game, a pretty tedious RPG quest, a pizzeria simulator, a pretty mind-numbing shooting gallery, etc. This collection has everything you could possibly imagine!

This was just something dumb and random that I quickly put together in like 2 weeks, but hopefully provides some form of distraction and laughs.

Mouse: Click stuff
(For certain games you can even use the arrow keys, but you can also change the controls by pressing Ctrl+Y, then click on the check mark on keyboard for player 1 to change the controls to your liking. Although it only uses left and right.)

* Game comes in a .zip file. All you need to do is extract it. *


Game by BigAl0104
Created in Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Sprites created in Clickteam's built-in image editor. Additional graphics created in Adobe Photoshop


20 Crappy Games 9 MB
20 Crappy Games (Android) 15 MB

Development log


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A simple fun timewasters. If you are bored, and have nothing to do, these few small games are good for you as well to joke around with your friends around, seeing them react.