A downloadable game for Windows and Android

This is just another random and funny take on another classic game. I hope this doesn't become too addicting that will make me want to delete it, if ya know what I mean. ;)

In all seriousness, I've had this little project in my possession for a couple years now, so I decided to polish it up a bit and release it to the public. I'm doing this as an excuse to release something for this year while I work on my current project, Knight's Quest RPG.

Once again, just like with Man-Pac, if you don't like it, that's fine with me. It's just something very short that I wanted to end up making, and it's not meant to be taken seriously.

Click on screen/Spacebar: Flap
ESC: Exit Game

* Game comes in a .zip file. All you need to do is extract it. *


Game by BigAl0104
Created in Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Sprites created in Clickteam's built-in image editor


Flappy Burger 4 MB
Flappy Burger (Android) 9 MB

Development log


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Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it ^^

-The idea is fun.

-The gameplay mechanic of jumping needs some work to make it feel more accurate as you can "die" and still get the coins.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thanks for playing the game and for the feedback! I'll see if I can tweak the collisions with the coins a little bit.

This really wasn't anything special, I just felt like making a simple Flappy Bird clone which I started about 3 years ago, but just decided to polish it up and finish last night (which took me about an hour). Anyways, thank you once again, and make sure you check out my previous games and stay tuned for more info on my current project, Knight's Quest RPG.



Great, I'll keep an eye on the game, If you want to send me anything about your game you can do it through the email on my channel description ^^

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You would need to be part of my Discord server in order to give you beta builds for the game, but you can just try the other games I've made instead. May I suggest Space Tyranny and Alex & Friends' Quest Remastered? ;)


Thanks for the info I'll try to keep them on mind ^^