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This was a Christmas gift I made for my girlfriend! :)

It's the Christmas season, and JJ has set up a Christmas party for her friends. Suddenly a demonized version of her boyfriend, Alex, has spawned in and kidnapped all of her friends. He has been holding a grudge on JJ for quite some time now. It has something to do with her always beating him at Super Pow Bros. Unlimited. Well he's had enough of this nonsense and is now back for his revenge. He takes all of her friends to various different realms filled with nothing but references to other media and preferences!

Playable characters:

You begin the game as JJ, and you get to choose whatever stage you want to play on. Once you beat a stage, you will gain a new character that you can play as, and you can switch between them on the stage select menu. Just press TAB to switch between characters. Each character also has their own special attack, however they require magic so make sure to keep an eye on your magic meter.

Special weapons:

There are also special video game weapons to find such as the Plant Barrier and Ice Slasher. Other useful items include bombs, regen and attack cupcakes, etc.

Leveling up:

Along the way, you will fight all sorts of enemies and once you beat them, you'll gain experience points that will help you level up. Leveling up will increase you attack power to make things easier if you end up getting stuck at some point. All characters share the same level, so there's no need to level them up individually.

Arrow Keys: Move
Shift: Jump
Z: Attack
X: Special Attack
(You can change the controls by pressing Ctrl + Y then click on the check mark for player 1. Or if you have a controller plugged in, you can click on the check box for joystick 1).

* Game comes in a .zip file. All you need to do is extract it. *


Game by BigAl0104
Created in Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Sprites created in Clickteam's built-in image editor
Special thanks to some of my Discord friends for helping me beta test.


JJ's Doomsday Christmas 25 MB

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