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In the deep lands of Japan, lives an evil Samurai named Shinju who has kidnapped Josh the Ninja's girlfriend, Marlene. Now it's up to Josh to traverse throughout the land to rescue her.

You take control of Josh in a Ninja Gaiden-inspired style of gameplay where you get to platform your way through the stages, hack and slash enemies, collect power ups, fight bosses, etc. All that is necessary to reach the end in order to rescue Marlene from the evil Shinju.

This game consists of 6 stages in total, therefore since it's short, there is no save feature. This is just something I wanted to make as a side project while working on Knight's Quest RPG.

Arrow Keys: Move
Shift: Jump
Z: Attack
X: Item
P: Pause Game
ESC: Exit Game


Game by BigAl0104
Game created with Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Sprites created with the Clickteam Built-In Image Editor
Special thanks to my girlfriend, Jenice J. Castillo, for helping me with boss designs.


Ninja Force 6 MB
Ninja Force (Android) 19 MB

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